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Wooden Gazebo

wooden gazebo The most used material for a gazebo is without a doubt wood.
Wood gives a natural appearance and fits with every style of building.
There are quite a few options if you'd like to choose for a wooden gazebo. The one, of course, from a higher quality than the other.

In this article we'll illustrate the wooden gazebo as detailed as possible. We will talk about the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages and more info on the cost of a wooden gazebo, you can find in the article on the cost of a pergola.

Wooden gazebo possibilities

The nice thing about wood, is that there are almost an uncountable amount of types and sorts of wood. Every kind of timber, has its own features, structures, ...
In fact, most types of wood can be chosen to build a wooden gazebo.
In most cases, however, people tend to choose for timber that has as little as possible maintenance. These wood sorts are more expensive, but you won't spend any money and/or time on maintaining them!

gazebo out of wood You can of course also choose for other kinds of wood, but then you'll need to sand, clean and varnish them at least once a year.
However, if you want to have a colourful gazebo right away, you'd better choose a cheaper wood from the start. Wood that has a painted layer over it needs to be maintained anyway!

Since most people choose for timer with little maintenance, we'll talk a bit more about the two most commong types of wood.
Impregnated wood / timber treatment
This wood is chemically processed, so that it will become resistent against rotting, fungi, insects and water repellent.
Most of the trees that are used for this kind of wood are trees that grow in our regions.

Hardwood / tropical timber
Tropical timber is of course originating from the tropical forests around the world. Since the temperature and humidity in those forests is both quite high, they are naturally resistent against all of the above.
The most used hardwoods are padauk and bankirai.

In most cases, impregnated wood is a little cheaper than hardwood. The big difference are the colouring, wood structures but also: On the lang term, hardwood is more environmentally friendly than impregnated wood.
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Advantages and disadvantages

What are the great and not so great features of wrought iron gazebos? Find out in this checklist!

- Timber is an easy to use material. You'll have a lot of possibilities with it, if choosing for a gazebo out of wood.
- Since wood is an all natural material, it'll give you a very relaxing feeling, but at the same time it'll fit with every house. Classical, or modern and everything between these.
- Whenever you start to get bored by your gazebo, you can easily 'renew' it, by giving it a new colour. Do keep in mind, that when you do, you'll have to regularly sand and varnish the wood.
timber gazebo wood- We said it before, but with wrought iron you've got way more options and features than most other materials.

- Wood isn't the cheapest material to work with.
- If you do not choose for hardwood or impregnated wood, you'll need to take good care of the wood at least once a year.