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Metal Gazebo

A metal gazebo is a freestanding gazebo, also referred to as pergola or canopy, made out of somge sort of metal.
Popular possibilities are steel, wrought iron and aluminum.

When people think of a metal gazebo, they often think of the classical looking gazebo, made out of wrought iron. However, there are many types of gazebos: classical, as well as modern. is an informative website with information about gazebos. We do not limit ourselves to give info and advice about the metal gazebo. We'll gladly give more information about gazebos made out of wood, PVC and other materials too.
Our goal is to give information about the gazebo to everyone who is interested in this subject.

We are not a company, and thus we do not sell metal gazebos ourselves. However, we do work together with firms specialized in delivering high quality (metal) gazebos.

Modern and classical metal gazebos

We gathered some pictures of rather nice looking metal gazebos for your inspiration. Both modern and classical gazebos.

metal gazebometal gazebo
metal gazebometal gazebo
metal gazebometal gazebo